YIG-tuned Front Ends

YIG-tuned Front Ends

Front Ends for ECM, Octave and Multi-Octave Discriminators, Integrated Local Oscillator with Pre-post-selector YIG Filters

Omniyig's YIG-Tuned integrated local oscillator with pre-post-selector YIG filters has been designed to electronically tune octave and multi-octave bands providing maximum RF power output and lower second harmonic and other spurious responses. The superb tracking of the YIG oscillator versus the YIG filter is attributed by the ideal design of the magnetic circuit and the coupling technique used between YIG sphere and active elements.

These front ends are available in many models covering the frequency range from 100 MHz to 18 GHz in octave bands. These compact solid-state devices can be mounted either on a base plate or supplied as discrete components. YIG drivers are also available with temperature compensation to maintain indicated RF performance. All devices can be qualified to MIL-E-5400 Class II Specification.

OMNIYIG manufactures special designs to customer specification. Some standard designs are indicated below for your review.

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