SINCE 1973
Your custom YIG Filter, Oscillator, Multiplier, Limiter and Detector needs take flight here.

Omniyig YIG Filters

Since 1973, Omniyig has been the forefront of advanced YIG technology with emphasis in custom manufacturing state-of-the-art YIG components–YIG Filters, YIG Oscillators, YIG Multipliers, Limiters, Detectors, Comb Generators, and front end systems.

Omniyig is the leading manufacturer of custom YIG technology, delivering and optimizing cutting edge YIG solutions in a continuously critical mission for all EW, ECM, ECCM, jammers, radars and instruments in land, airborne, space and shipboard systems.

Every order is custom built to the precise specifications required by our Customers–no lingering puzzles to be solved. Just perfect, precise, positive results for your engineering needs. From dual band reject YIG Filters to multi-octave YIG Oscillators and more, with thousands of models produced since 1973, modern systems have and will continue to have Omniyig onboard.

Quality Policy

The leader in microwave radio frequency technology

Customized Omniyig YIGs


Thousands of YIG components manufactured for hundreds of complex, unique systems.

Perfected Omniyig ML-STD


ISO 9001:2015 certified
MIL-STD parts
1 Year Warranty
10+ Year Lifespan (avg)

Delivered Omniyig MWRF since 1973


Built to order & built to ship, per your requirements. Engineers on call for unit lifetime.

Omniyig YIG Filters

Omniyig–Since 1973
  • The leader in MWRF systems support
  • The leader in YIG design
  • The leader in Customer satisfaction

Let us deliver your custom YIG Filter requirement, YIG Oscillator POC and more.

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