Custom YIG Development

Since 1973

Built to Last

Since 1973, Omniyig has been the forefront of advanced YIG technology with emphasis in custom manufacturing state-of-the-art YIG components, Detectors, Limiters, Comb Generators, and front end systems. We, at Omniyig, are on a continuous critical mission in manufacturing YIGs for all EW, ECM, ECCM, jammers, radars and instruments in land, airborne, space and shipboard systems.

We have designed, built and manufactured thousands of supercomponents for programs such as the ALQ-99, ALQ-117, ALQ-125, ALQ-133, ALQ-135, ALQ-172, ALR-56C, ALR-59, ALR-62, ALR-67, WLR-8, Rapport III - for platforms such as the F-15, F-16, F-18, EA-6B, F-111, EF-111, B-52, B1, B2 Stealth, C130, L-130, and more.

Omniyig is custom YIG technology.

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